AMS Creative Studio is a specialty creative studio creating and managing diverse marketing and content needs. As a client focused creative studio, our client’s happiness is always top priority.

We specialize in working with women-owned companies and small businesses that are eco-conscious, health/wellness focused and nonprofits helping to broaden their mission and goals through authentic marketing.




We believe successful marketing starts with a detailed strategy. After an initial phone consultation, we launch the strategy process by analyzing competitors, recognizing pain points and industry trends. After detailed analysis, we deliver an extensive strategy that outlines each step in the marketing journey.

Content Creation

In line with a developed strategy, we provide the necessary content for your marketing needs. We create blogs, articles, social media posts, product descriptions, web copy and press releases!

Marketing & PR

Once content is optimized and scheduled, we start marketing your brand to existing customers, potential customers and businesses through an inbound marketing approach. We will also work with industry professionals and influencers to get your content and product seen by as many viewers with the goal of increasing traffic and sales.


“As founder and owner of Earth Glamour, I have been using Amanda’s services for quite some time. Amanda is great at what she does, and I couldn’t ask for a better person to grow my vegan beauty line. If you're looking for a reliable person to help you with your company marketing needs, Amanda is the person.”
            ~Holly Dulsky
“I used Amanda's branding services for a logo I needed for my consulting business cards. She created a few that were exactly what I was looking for. I ended up going with one of her original designs with a minor change to the font. Not only was she patient and timely, but she was also professional through the creation process. I am looking forward to using her marketing services in the future as she had some great recommendations and tips for getting my new business off of the ground. I highly recommend working with Amanda. ”
            ~C. B.